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New guild members, please register with the site via the link above.

We are a progression raiding guild.  If you are skilled at your class, and looking for a raiding guild that actually accomplishes its goals and objectives, this may be the home you're looking for.  We know how to have a good time, but we also take raiding very seriously.  We're farming almost all of SF content now, with the exception of some of the more difficult Underfoot encounters.  If you'd like to speak to us, post an app under General Discussion.  Contact Wulfghar in game for more info.

SF Progression-
Lair: Cleared (EZ)
Labs: Cleared (EZ)
PoRT: Cleared (3-Rune)
Hardmode Kills: Toxxulia, Kenda/Pendis United, Maalus Imbued, Waansu, Sages Energized.
Underfoot: Wing 1 cleared

Current raiding schedule is as follows:
Tuesday - 5-7:30pm pacific.
Wednesday - 5-7:30pm pacific.
 Saturday - 5-8:30pm pacific.
Sunday - 5-7:30pm pacific.

Currently recruiting: 
High Priority: Mystic.
Medium Priority: Inquis, Bard.
Low Priority: Part time players willing to fill in when needed.

Lvl 90
Myth buff.
All spells/skills Expert or better.
Stable internet/computer.
230 AA

Applications can be submitted via the Guild Application thread. Prospective applicants must be able to attend 4-8 raids prior to guild invite.  All recruits will be screened via trial raids.

Adults only, Ventrilo (ability to speak and listen) is a must.  Info on Mayhem's DKP program can be found at

Guild Structure and Chain of Command

Wulfghar Tempus, Mar 22, 10 9:02 AM.
Chain of Command:

Guild Leader (Wulfram, Cattibre) - Should only be approached with problems or suggestions after speaking to an Officer or a member of the Raid Council.

Raid Leader (Wulfram) - The sole individual charged with forming and leading the raids.  No guild related issues will be brought up to the Raid Leader during raids.  If you have a problem with the Raid Leader, speak with an Officer or Raid Councilor.

Officer (Highmaintenance, Aarez, Obias, Snook, Kevaniak) - Loyal members who have shown solid leadership ability during their time with the guild.  They should be approached with any questions or problems regarding general guild function and utility.

Class Leaders (Narior[scout], Wulfram[fighter], Enoky[mage], Highmaintenance[healer]) - Exemplary individuals who have shown extensive knowledge in raid or class backgrounds.  Questions regarding your class or group setup during raids can be directed to them.

Dedicated Raider - Exceptional raiders who maintain a 75% or higher raiding attendance on a floating 60 day calender cycle.

Raider - Members who have shown adequate skill at their class and maintain a minimum of 50% attendance over a floating 60 day calender cycle.

Raid Progression    
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